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Camera update: we’re running on fumes

The dread back-up camera

The dread back-up camera

In the epic battle of camera vs. tile floor in a La Fortuna soda, the Sigma suffered a decisive loss. And though David drove back to San Jose to find the only repair place we could get wind of (Jaido at Desafio Adventure in La Fortuna suggested Giovani, near Parque Morazan), the dude couldn”t fix it, and in fact added another problem to the mix–now the view screen is half white.

We thought about ordering a camera on Ebay and having it sent down here, but there were problems getting PayPal and Ebay to list a Costa Rica address as the main address, and some vendors on Ebay refuse to ship internationally.

Pals at Desafio said they were heading back to the States and we could ship something to them in California, but by the time they got back we’d be far from Fortuna, and there was also no guarantee that the shipment would get to them in time.  A friend in Arenal offered to let us ship something to his address, but then we were on our way to Nicaragua and had no internet access.

And of course shipping anything to Costa Rica is a tricky business. It might take a week or a month or it might never arrive. Customs could ignore the package or turn unwanted attention on it, and retrieving it from customs can be expensive and time-consuming. Plus you have to know who to bribe and how much to offer. I’ve always been an unskilled briber.

So now we’re stuck with the back-up camera for the rest of the trip. It’s a perfectly fine Canon Powershot SD 750 point-and-shoot, but it doesn’t cut it if you were expecting to be able to shoot raw and tweak to your heart’s content.