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The Manatee’s Big Day: Bilingual Children’s Book

I’m happy to report that my first children’s book, The Manatee’s Big Day, has  been published by Zona Tropical Publishing (order the book here). It’s a bilingual picture book about the inhabitants of Costa Rica’s Tortuguero canals, with extensive scientific information about the various species and ecosystems at the back of the book.

The lovely illustrations are by Maggie Olson of Portland, Oregon.

Robert Isenberg of the Tico Times reviewed The Manatee’s Big Day this week, calling it “an imaginative bilingual introduction to…Costa Rica’s abundant wildlife,” noting the book’s “additional 20 pages of animal dossiers, a food chain diagram and a guide to Tortuguero National Park.”

The book’s Spanish title is “Un gran día para la Señorita Manatí.”

The illustrator and I are trying to figure out how to get the book more easily available in the U.S., especially on Amazon. If anyone knows of a publisher with US distribution looking for a children’s book with an irresistible manatee as the heroine, along with accurate biological science at the back of the book, please let me know!